INNATE's Story

Reviving Art Deco Vintage Jewelry

In the universe of jewelry, art-deco and vintage jewelry are my most fond styles as they are elegant, timeless and with a special touch.  The vibe is so different to modern jewelry which I particularly love the geometry and symmetry of the art deco pieces.  They are elegant and glamorous. 

The beautiful art-deco vintage pieces are so hard to come by these days as they are already 100 years old and they are no longer in production.  I love visiting  the Parisian jewelry shops and antique markets to get hold of the vintage jewelries.  In order to let more people enjoy the luxury of art-deco jewelry, I shall bring them back alive.

In my coming collections, I shall create the pieces that are suitable in the modern world.  They will be stable choices which are wearable daily.  I shall also bring in pieces that can transform you from day to night. The pieces will be stylish, distinctive and can be passed down to generations.

Ingrid Leung
Founder & Designer of INNATE


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