INNATE's Gold Choices

INNATE creates new memorable jewelry that are personal, sentimental and forever.  We believe the piece of jewelry is something you can love and treasure. For this reason, in our fine jewelry collection, we make sure that our pieces are made in high quality real diamonds and precious metal such as 14k / 18k solid gold or platinum.

We have also added some silver and brass choices for something "Meant to play". They are meant to add some fun to your wardrobe. Enjoy these pieces with fun!


So what are 14k and 18k gold?


14k = 58% Gold

14k = 14 karat gold, is made up 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals.
Appearance: 14k gold color is slightly less saturated and intense than 18 karat gold, making it an excellent choice if you want gold jewelry that is rich and attractive but not overly yellow, a more champagne sheen.
Durability: Jewelry made in this metal scratches less and lasts longer as it wears out much more slowly.
Price: 14k gold is the most reasonably priced whilst maintaining excellent quality and durability; the perfect compromise. 


18k Gold = 75% Gold

18k = 18 karat gold, is made up 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals.
Appearance: 18k yellow gold has a deeper yellow hue than 14k.   14K white gold has a stronger white color than 18k and  14k rose gold is more pink than 18K.
Durability: 18k gold jewelry is softer than 14k but jewelry made of 18k remains very durable.
Price: With the higher content of gold in the piece of jewelry, one would expect the prices would be higher.

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