Meant to be

Meant to be

It is a meant-to-be for me to start a jewelry business.  I have been attracted to blings and have fallen in love with my grandmother's pearls strand and diamond pieces since the age of five.  I have been collecting jewelries for decades and my collection covers most of the stables, not only in colors but also in styles.  I believe that it is time for me to design and share why and what I love about jewelry with you.

I love jewelry in every sense: I adore the brilliance of diamonds;  I appreciate the glowing luster of pearls;  I enjoy the extensive variety of semi-precious stones and I also treasure the exquisite craftsmanship of each piece.  I love the way how a right pair of earrings make our facial features sharper, how a cocktail ring make our fingers look longer and slender; and how a simple necklace draws the attention away from the neckline but enhanced the sexy look of the clavicle.   

In the universe of jewelry, art-deco and vintage jewelry are my most fond styles as they are elegant, timeless and with a special touch.  I particularly love the geometry and symmetry of the art deco pieces and the beautiful vintage pieces that are hard to come by as they are no longer in production.  In my upcoming collections,  I will bring in the stable choices which are meant to be loved and wearable daily. I will also be creating items with the art deco touch that will be suitable for everyday yet distinctive. They will transform you from day to night.  I will also be finding some vintage pieces which are meant to be treasured. 

Most of all, I would love to share my passion with you as I believe that just like love and friendship, when it is yours, it is yours. And I am certain that I can help you finding "The Jewelry meant to be YOURS."

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