Engagement Rings

INNATE creates new memorable jewelry that are personal, sentimental and forever.  We believe the piece of jewelry is something you can love and treasure. 

Engagement Rings Projects


Half Carat Oval Diamond Ring in 18k Rose Gold

This gentleman Mr. Sam came to us to create this special ring for his fiancé.  He knows the bride loves rose gold and would also like something different to ordinary round brilliant cut diamond.  

Unique Salt and Pepper Pear Shaped Diamond in 18k White Gold

Something really special about this engagement ring.  It uses a very different type of diamond: Salt and Pepper in Pear shaped.  This is a 3.16 carat diamond set in bezel setting with paved settings in 18k white gold.  Such a chic and unique choice!

The classic Round Brilliant cut Halo Diamond in 18k White Gold

This client wanted something classic and traditional.  We recreated this setting to transfer the diamond ring to something she really loves now.



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